Remote Responder: Managing Open Source Software For Business Results

Every business depends on IT Infrastructure to improve staff productivity. Remote Responder provides access to quality FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) that is used by "illions" of other organizations around the world. FOSS is a rapidly growing alternative to "lock-in" commercial software (IDG reports that Linux, the most popular FOSS operating system, has a compound annual growth rate of 23.6% compared to Windows' growth rate of 6.6%). By using the vast reservoir of IT solutions available from the global FOSS communities, your IT infrastructure can become more flexible, productive, & maintainable, and costs can be lowered.

By relying on our Remote Responder administrators to ensure that your FOSS IT environment is secure and continually updated and improving, your staff can focus on running your business instead of keeping track of the lastest software developments and the best practices for administering them.

Our unique, responsive approach to an IT partnership ensures that we are there when you need us. And we operate remotely so we are out of your way focused on just keeping the systems humming along while you focus on your business.

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