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Here are some of the many ways in which Remote Responder can help your organization maintain an efficient IT infrastructure, reduce risks and lower costs.

  • Our experienced staff configure each system with a host-based firewall, an intrusion detection system, and multiple levels of additional security barriers to help manage the risk of intrusion
  • Our staff will delegate to your organization the controls you need to run the software while ensuring that we can control security and monitoring so that your staff can get their work done without worrying about software management
  • Because our staff works remotely, you can keep headcount and office space low
  • Our comprehensive monitoring system will help ensure that all components of the IT solutions you depend upon keep humming along
  • In addition, our FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) approach inherently includes many risk and cost management benefits, including
    • The FOSS we recommend usually undergoes more security review and therefore entails less risk from intrusions (for example, Linux, our preferred FOSS operating system, has never experienced a serious virus attack)
    • Freedom to use, redistribute, and modify the software eliminates the risks of vendor lock-in
    • Freedom from onerous licensing not only eliminates the cost of paying exorbitant license fees but reduces the costs of license managment
    • Almost all the FOSS that we recommend includes active user and developer communities so that support costs can be kept low and new features will flow steadily to your business as a form of interest for investing in humanity's cultural heritage that is FOSS
    • Since FOSS involves the amortization of software development costs over the whole, global user community, your firm's investment in FOSS is negligible compared to the prodigious development effort of the community. Due to the benefits of this amortization, FOSS tends to have a broadly complete feature set, fewer bugs, and more new features and functions (for example, the Linux operating system kernel has added more than 120 improvements per day since 2008!)

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