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Remote Responder was developed by LinuxForce based on the philosophies of world-renowned innovators and thinkers such as Benjamin Franklin, R. Buckminster Fuller and Linus Torvalds (creator of the GNU/Linux operating system). In particular, Fuller's work in what he called comprehensive anticipatory design science was particularly important in helping us understand and implement the kind of thorough and incisive management solutions that many other businesses already depend upon. Fuller's mantra of doing more with less has been a guiding principle while we search for and build the tools to keep your software eternally regenerative.

The origins of Remote Responder go back to 1995. It wasn't referred to by its current name then, but LinuxForce began serving its first clients … mostly internet service providers (ISPs) … by providing high-quality systems administration solutions and professional services remotely through the Internet in a precursor to today's overly hyped "Cloud" offerings. Today LinuxForce's Remote Responder supports so many FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) tools that it can be tiring to list them all: firewall and other security tools, web services, databases, hardware-redundant clusters, and more.

Today, that service is now Remote Responder and LinuxForce continues to expand its capabilities as the breadth and depth of FOSS applications that are enterprise-ready grow in number by leaps and bounds.

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