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As a technology leader you need continuous performance from your IT systems. Have you ever wondered when software would be able to support upgrades that are as seamless as the changing of the seasons? Why is it that every time software needs a major upgrade, not only is new hardware required but an intensive migration project ensues? Don't we all deserve "eternally regenerative software" … software that just grows and evolves with your business without all the fuss? Wait no longer: eternal upgradeability is possible with most of the FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) that we use to deliver results to our customers. The FOSS community builds infrastructure that, generally speaking, makes upgrades almost painless because there are no license fees or other lock-in structures to put a toll booth in front of your business' IT evolution.

But you need more than just easy upgrades, IT systems are built on software. Is there enough FOSS to give your staff the effective software they need to deliver business results? For most businesses, the answer is unequivocally Yes. Our favorite Linux distribution is Debian and it offers more than 25,000 pieces of software in eternally regenerative bundles called packages. This enormous software endowment includes world class solutions for web and other Internet services, database management, security management, file and storage management, software development, and much more. FOSS is so flush with enterprise-ready solutions to meet your IT needs that searching through the treasure troves of options can be daunting. We can help you find the appropriate FOSS tools to meet and exceed your business needs, build out solutions customized to your requirements, and manage and support the software through major upgrade after major upgrade so your business can continually benefit from new features without fearing upgrade nightmares nor spending a dime more on licensing fees that lock you in.

Remote Responder is an advanced approach to managing IT infrastructure to achieve business results. It is based on Buckminster Fuller's comprehensive, anticipatory design science principles blended with the modern Internet's facilities of "managed services" and "cloud computing" and the repository of eternally regenerative software provided by the FOSS communities. We package it all with a dedicated staff trained in what we call Comprehensive, Anticipatory Systems Administration: the employment of a detailed and thorough approach to our work in service to your needs, experience won and tested best practices to proactively prevent problems, and courteous, incisive, professional service.

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